Master in NN
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This course will be given in the studentís enrolment university, from October to December. Student must contact their local coordinator for knowing the exact dates -> Contact
Academic Year
2023 - 2024
2024 - 2025
University of Castilla-La Mancha (Toledo)
Miguel HernŠndez University (Elche)
Basic Module
M2 to M6
From 8/1/24 to 25/1/24
3 weeks in January 2025
Advanced Module
M7 to M9
M10 - ESMolNa
From 6/5/24 to 17/5/24
2 weeks in May 2025
From 19/5/24 to 24/5/24
1 week in May 2025
The Basic & Advanced Modules (M2-M10) will be given ask intensitive courses (three weeks in Januray and three weeks in May) every year in a different university.
The timetable will be 4 hours during the morning and 2 hours during the afternoon from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning. These classes will be complemented with 8 hours per week in seminars and practical classes with the students.

The subject M10: "Current topics in molecular nanoscience and nanotechnology" will be organized as a summer school (European School on Molecular Nanoscience- ESMolNa).
Invited professors and researchers and Master and PhD students from the different European universities and research institutions will take part in it. The School objective is to be a debate forum for the different groups working in the molecular nanoscience and molecular materials fields.

During the rest of the year, students will carry their research activity at his home university. At the end of the year (from late July to mid September) students will defense their master dissertation.