Master in NN
  • admission

It is necessary to hold any of the following qualifications in order to access Masterís studies:
Official Spanish university degree.
Foreign higher education degree officially recognised as equivalent to an official Spanish university degree.
Degree issued by a higher education institution belonging to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) authorising, in the issuing country, access to official Masterís studies.
Official degree approved by the educational systems outside the EHEA.

Students who meet these requirements, can be admitted to the master according to the following specific entrance requirements and assessment of the merits criteria:

Specific Admission Requirements
To have completed previous undergraduate degree studies in technical or experimental teachings related to the Masterís Degree goals; among them: Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, or similar fields.

A B2 level of English language must be proved, as lessons are taught in English.

Assessment criteria of merits
Academic Record (80%)
English Language Skills superior to the minimum required (10%)
Other CV merits (10%)

Students have to make their access request on the university they are interested in being admitted. The studentsí access and admission procedure for each university can be found at the following links: