The University Institute of Materials of Alicante (IUMA) biennially grants a young researcher prize in the area of materials science.

The assessment of each candidate is based on the quality of one scientific publication in the area of materials science and the merits included in the Curriculum Vitae. The three selected finalists must perform a public and oral presentation (40 minutes) followed by a turn of questions of an expert scientific committee.

In this edition, Dra. Mirian Elizabeth Casco, Dra. Marine Reynaud and Dr. Juan Aragó were selected among 30 candidates as finalists for the oral presentation (final step) that took place the past 17th January at the IUMA. Dr. Juan Aragó, a “Juan de la Cierva – Incorporación” researcher of the ICMol, was finally awarded with the IUMA young researcher prize in its III edition due to its excellent scientific trajectory and its contribution about “Regimes of Exciton Transport in Molecular Crystals in the Presence of Dynamic Disorder” published in the high-impact journal Advanced Functionals Materials.

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