Who we are?

The PROMETEO project is formed by three young researchers of the Instituto de Ciencia Molecular: Guillermo Mínguez Espallargas (GME, Profesor Titular), Victor A. Lorenz Fonfría (VALF, Profesor Titular), and Juan Aragó (JA, Ramón y Cajal Fellow). This is an interdisciplinar group in which each of the three members is focused in different aspects of Chemistry: in general aspects, GME is a synthetic inorganic chemist, JA is a theoretical chemist, and VALF is a biochemist, with the latter two leaning strongly towards physics.


This PROMETEO project aims to open a new research line that combines three highly relevant topics such as MOFs, spin qubits and molecular biophysics. More specifically, our goal is two-fold. On one hand, we intend to obtain new robust and stable Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) that can serve to host different species such as molecular qubits or photoswitchable peptides/proteins, and study how affect their reactivity. On the other hand, we intend to use polypeptides as organizing systems of molecular qubits, which can also be incorporated in the pores of MOFs to achieve a better organization in the solid state.
The project is sustented on two ERC Consolidator Grant projects (S-CAGE and DECRESIM), each of which is focused on magnetic dynamic MOFs and the theoretical study of discrete molecular complexes as spin-qubits. We now intend to go one step further in each of these directions by establishing a new synthetic approach to obtain large-pore (mesoporous) MOFs capable of incorporating functional guest species, as well as developing the theoretical basis of phonon relaxation rates and spin transport in magnetic molecules.
The specific goals of the project are the following:
1) We will develop the formation of robust mesoporous MOFs with breathing behaviour and the process of incorporating functional molecules within the pores. We will focus on the incorporation of light-sensitive proteins in order to explore and quantify the interrelation between protein's functionality and MOFs' chemical and physical properties.
2) We will theoretically research the fundaments for molecular spin technologies employing MOFs. The combined theoretical and experimental know-how of the three senior researchers will allow us to employ MOFs as platforms for sophisticated spin qubit studies, especially concerning the influence of vibrations in relaxation.
This PROMETEO project is clearly multidisciplinar and brings two different fields (MOFs and Spin-Qubits) one step further, by developing the field from both experimental and theoretical point of view.

Prometeo Research Team

Dr. Guillermo Mínguez Espallargas
Professor, Post-Ramón y Cajal Fellow and ERC-Consolidator grantee.

Dr. Victor A. Lorenz Fronfría:
Ramón y Cajal Fellow

Dr. Juan Aragó March:
Ramón y Cajal Fellow

Other members of the group

- Dra. Lorena E. Rosaleny Peralvo: Postdoctoral senior researcher
- Dr. Alejandro Gaita Ariño: Ramón y Cajal Fellow, ERC-Consolidator grantee and Investigador Distinguido de excelencia de la Comunidad Valenciana.
- Dr. Eduardo Andrés García: Juan de la Cierva Fellow
- Dra. Isabel Abánades Lázaro: Juan de la Cierva Fellow
- Dra. Beatriz Lozano Torres: Juan de la Cierva Fellow
- Mª Eugenia Casañ Miguel: PhD student
- Katia Caamaño Chico: PhD student
- Iván Gómez Muñoz: PhD student
- Luis León Alcaide: PhD student
- María Vicent Morales: PhD student
- Jesús Cases Díaz: PhD student
- Thibaut Le Huec: PhD student
- Sergio Ruiz Gamarra: PhD student
- Aman Ullah: PhD student
- Silvia M. Giménez-Santamarina: PhD student
- Gloria Agustí López: research technician


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