Capitalized mainly by researchers from the Functional Inorganic Materials group (Funimat) of the Institute of Molecular Science at the University of Valencia (UV) and the University itself, PMA is the first Spanish company dedicated to the production and valorization of metal-organic framework (MOF) materials.

The company aims to develop and commercialize products, processes and services based on the use of MOF type materials. From PMA we want to democratize the value of MOFs for their integration into technological applications and make them affordable to industry for bringing them closer to society. Overall, we want to take porosity to where it matters!

At PMA we want to accompany our customers along the entire R&D&I value chain. Our team (Link to OUR TEAM page) has extensive experience in competing for competitive funding and can advise our customers so that MOFs can be integrated into their research lines effectively and at the lowest possible cost. At our facilities at the Parc Ciéntific de la Universitat València we have the capacity to produce the MOF-type materials you need on both small and large scales to ensure that your MOF-based development becomes a reality.