Zeleros, a pioneering company in the design of high-speed vehicles in levitating capsules (Hyperloop), has visited the Institute of Molecular Science of the University of Valencia to learn about its lines of research, specifically in the field of batteries and new materials for storing energy, as well as to explore possible collaborations with the centre directed by the University of Valencia professor Eugenio Coronado.

"Our project is very long-term, we must explore beyond existing technologies and ICMol is a place where this is done from the field of science," explains Daniel Orient, co-founder of Zeleros and current technological director, after his visit to ICMol's facilities at the Parc Científic of the University of Valencia. "We are looking for efficient, stable and safe solutions for our systems," he says.

Zeleros is a Valencia-based company that is leading the development of the Hyperloop in Europe. Its technology makes it possible to build transport routes for this mobility system while reducing the cost per kilometre of infrastructure and operating at safer pressure levels. The company is also working on automated mobility for ports and airports.

Orient was accompanied on his visit to ICMol by Marcos Sacristán, head of Innovation and Development of the company, and Daniel Fons, in charge of the electrical area. The three of them shared a working session in which they exchanged ideas with Eugenio Coronado; the distinguished ICMol researcher Gonzalo Abellán, and the excutive manager, Ruth Manzanares, who is also in charge of the institute's transfer area.

Afterwards, Coronado and Abellán accompanied the Zeleros representatives around the different ICMol laboratories, which have cutting-edge technology for the characterisation, design and synthesis of new materials with advanced properties, as well as a laboratory for scaling and industrial development as part of the centre's Scientific Unit for Business Innovation.

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