Guillermo Mínguez, from the Instituto de Ciencia Molecular of the University of Valencia, has been awarded the “Young Talent Award Comunitat Valenciana” in the category of Science for his career as a young researcher. These awards, organized by Levante-EMV and Bankia, represent an impulse for the professional development of promising candidates in different fields, in this case the scientific.

This young researcher stands up for the quality of his research as is evidenced by previous awards he has received, such as the Gold Medal at the “European Young Chemist Award 2008”, the “Dalton Young Researchers Award 2009” by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the “Premio Real Academia Sevillana de Ciencias 2010” to young researchers or the “Premio Xavier Solans 2011” for the best scientific work in the area of Crystallography. In addition, earlier this year Guillermo was selected to attend the 63rd Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, an event that brought together 35 Nobel Laureates.

Guillermo joined the ICMol in 2009 as a “Juan de la Cierva” researcher, where he is making use of his previous expertise in inorganic chemistry and crystallography to develop solid state transformations that cause changes in the magnetic properties of multifunctional materials.