ICMol Job openings

If you join ICMol you will be part of a cutting-edge science and technology team. We will provide you with the state-of-the-art equipment and the most highly specialized scientific personnel.

You'll be working in an international environment and you will benefit from ICMol's complementary training programme.

The University of Valencia has also a strong program of scientific seminars, technical workshops, international research stages and other soft skills courses and activities.

The recruitment of new researchers at the tenure track level has been mainly based on the attraction of emergent researchers. The two rules followed for their selection are:
- The scientific excellence of the researcher; and
- His/her previous scientific expertise and how this expertise can be useful to reinforce and complement the ICMol research lines.

Open positions:

Predoctoral (con las condiciones estándar de la UV)
Titulación: Máster en Física
· Experiencia en computación cuántica e información cuántica
· Experiencia en programación cuántica (Qiskit, Qutip)
· Física Cuántica y Física del Estado Sólido
Objetivo del contrato
·Modelado (desarrollo teórico, implementación computacional y aplicación del modelo) de moléculas magnéticas en el contexto de la computación cuántica y la espintrónica.
Funciones a realizar por el contratado
Funciones de soporte y apoyo a la investigación
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