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The ICMol was founded in 2000 to develop a competitive and high-quality research in materials science using a molecular approach. In fact, ICMol is the sole research center in Spain exclusively focused on the molecular aspects of Nanoscience, with a special emphasis on the study of functional molecules and materials exhibiting useful magnetic, electrical or optical properties.
In 2016, ICMol was recognized by the Spanish Ministry as Unit of Excellence María de Maeztu for a four-year period, from 2016 to 2019. In 2020, this accreditation has been renewed for another four-year period, from 2020 to 2023.

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The Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) financed the constitution of ICMol's Scientific Unit for Industrial Innovation (UCIE) in 2018.
ICMol is located at the Scientific Park of the Universitat de València in a building with a surface of ca. 5000 square meters.
OUR MISSION is the chemical design of new molecules and functional materials that present new physical or chemical properties of interest in strategic areas such as electronics and molecular spintronics, quantum computing or energy storage and conversion, among others.
The ICMol community is driven by a shared purpose: to make a better life through research, education and innovation.

EUROMOF 2023 - Young Scientist Symposium

September, 24th. Granada.

ICMolTalks Umberto Raucci. Italian Institute of Technology.

September, 26th. 11:30 am

Talleres Ciencia ICMol en la MEDNIGHT

September. , 29th - València (Puerto).

Prometeo Symposium-Molecular Frameworks

October, 3rd, 2023. 11:30 am. Assembly Hall. Head Building. Parc Cientific-UV

ICMolTalk. Dr. Sara Rojas Macías. Diferent Roles of Metal-Organic Frameworks in environmental applications.

5th, October 2023

1st European School on Advanced Materials (ESAM2023)

Gandia - Valencia. October 15th - 18th 2023
Damià Tormo, Biotech investor: "In science, we don't look for projects, but for solutions to needs"
El ICMol y la AVI promueven envases 100% aislantes y reciclables contra el desperdicio de comida
Cuatro investigadores del ICMol obtienen contratos de los programas Ramón y Cajal y Juan de la Cierva
Charo Rodríguez (I+D en Cepsa): "La descarbonización debe asentarse en moléculas 'verdes'”
Cuatro investigadores del ICMol obtienen contratos de los programas Ramón y Cajal y Juan de la Cierva
Single-molecule magnets for the future of research in quantum technologies
A team from the ICMol develops an open data science tool to advance in chemical design
Chemistry paves the way for the development of intelligent two-dimensional materials for optoelectronics


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Unidad de Excelencia María de Maeztu 2020-2023. Financiada por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Referencia CEX2019-000919-M