The Institute of Molecular Science (IcMol) celebrates this Friday the 15th at the Marie Curie Auditorium of the Science Park of the University of Valencia (UV) its Science Day, the most important annual open-door event in which scientific personalities debate a topical issue, which on this occasion will be “Piratas en Ciencia: Depredadores, mala praxis y ética” (‘Pirates in Science: Predators, malpractice and ethics’). The event will honour two of the institution’s most scientifically impactful researchers, UV Inorganic Chemistry full professors Francesc Lloret (winner of the 2023 “Estudi General” European Award for the Dissemination of Science) and Miguel Julve.

Francesc Lloret Pastor is a member of the Academia Europaea, an institution that promotes learning, education and research in Europe and brings together outstanding researchers from the continent of different branches of knowledge, including 52 Nobel Prize winners and Spaniards such as Eugenio Coronado or Avelino Corma. Lloret has published nearly 700 articles as co-author in high-impact scientific journals, has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Bucharest for his contributions in molecular magnetism and has received the Award for Research Excellence, also the Award for Distinguished Research Career (2022) from the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) and the Catalán-Sabatier Award from the French Society of Chemistry (2018).

Miguel Julve Olcina is an expert in the design, synthesis and magnetic-structural study of multifunctional magnetic mono- and polynuclear molecular compounds with synergy of two or more properties in the same compound. He is a member of the Academia Europaea, and has been awarded the Research Excellence Award from the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (2002) and the Catalan-Sabatier Award from the Société Chimique de France (2009) for his contribution both in the field of Coordination Chemistry as in Molecular Magnetism. He is an honorary doctor from the University of Bucharest, co-author of more than 650 articles in specialised scientific journals in the field of Inorganic Chemistry and his works have received 29,457 citations (data from the ISI Web of Science, December 12, 2023).

The ICMol day, which starts at 9 a.m., also has three conferences. They are “Biosensores nanofotónicos para diagnóstico clínico y ambiental ultrasensible “ (‘Nanophotonic biosensors for ultrasensitive clinical and environmental diagnosis’), by Laura Lechuga (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, ICN2), Rei Jaume I Award in New Technologies; “Recolectando energía en la nanoescala para dispositivos portátiles” (‘Harvesting energy at the nanoscale for portable devices’), by Marisol Martín (IMN-CNM-CSIC Micro and Nanotechnology Institute), and “Nanotecnología IMN-CNM-CSIC), y “Magnetismo Molecular y más allá “ (‘Molecular Magnetism and beyond’), by Eliseo Ruiz, from the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry of the University of Barcelona.

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