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Nobel Laureates Jean Marie Lehn and Pierre Sauvage at the ICMol Nobel Colloquium
La dimensión de género proyectos de investigación, a debate en la VII Jornada de la Mujer Investigadora ICMol-IFIC
ICMol researcher Abraham Mendoza, double Young Scientific award from the RSEQ and Lilly pharma
The 16th European School on Molecular Nanoscience bring together 60 students and 30 speakers from 12 countries
#ICMolBreakfast: “The origin of the innovation does not matter, but the product, the team and the disruption”
#ICMolBreakfasts. Clara Gómez: "The aim of a spin-off is not to found the company, but to transfer knowledge"
Postdoctoral researcher Samuel Mañas wins the European Association of Magnetism Young Scientist Award
Isabel Abánades awarded the "la Caixa" Postdoctoral Junior Leader Fellowship to synthesise more efficient MOF materials
Daniel Tordera wins the Scientific-technical prize Ciutat d'Algemesí with a large-area organic scanner.
Henk Bolink coordinates the European project VALHALLA on perovskite solar modules for renewable energy
The head of CEPSA's R&D Project Management Centre, Juana Frontela, visits ICMol
Guillermo Mínguez receives the National Research Award for Young Scientists
ICMol’s researcher Sourav Dey is awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship
José J. Baldoví, selected for the management committee of the COST SUPERQUMAP action with 29 partner countries.
Revolution in battery safety and efficiency: Graphenano and the University of Valencia develop first metal-free cell
Physicist Amílcar Bedoya joins ICMol as distinguished CIDEGenT researcher with a project on 2D heterostructures
Abraham Mendoza, CIDEGenT researcher at ICMol: "Organic synthesis is the key to explore new molecular technologies"
The XXX Symposium on Crystallography updates its relevance for new materials