The Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) is once again the setting for a meeting between academia and industry during the "Innovation Breakfast - ICMol and Industry 2023", organized by the Institute's Innovation and Technology Transfer area. The event brought together distinguished researchers, as well as students committed to scientific and technological advancement.

The central theme of the event was "Alternative Industrial Water Treatments: Environmental and Economic Returns". An issue of great relevance today, considering the growing need to address the environmental challenges associated with water management in industry.

On this occasion, the Institute welcomed Francisco J. Alfonso García, Director of Grupotec's Water and Bioenergy Division.

Founded in 1997, Grupotec has evolved into a multidisciplinary engineering and architecture company, and on this occasion he presented the challenges they face in their activity of construction and operation of water treatment and biogas generation facilities.

Fran Alfonso shared his experience and knowledge about the current challenges related to new methods to remove pollutants from wastewater, as well as to recover valuable substances that can be reintegrated into the production cycle, highlighting the need to stand next to leading research centers such as ICMoL to advance in solutions that result in a better reuse of resources.

Grupotec's participation in the Innovation Breakfast underlines the importance of collaboration between academia and industry to address the most pressing challenges of our time. This presence reinforces the collaboration between both spheres and opens new perspectives to jointly advance towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

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