Last Thursday, February 22nd at 3pm, the company Hasten Ventures, a venture builder specialized in Deeptech, started a collaboration with the Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) by presenting PotenciaTech. This initiative, aimed at ICMol researchers, aims to enhance the transfer of research results and the generation of capabilities in the technological field.

Hasten Ventures is a Venture Builder specialized in launching, promoting and scaling projects with a solid scientific-technological base (Deeptech). With more than 10 years of experience in technology transfer, Hasten Ventures has supported more than 250 technology-based startups and scale ups across Europe. In addition, it has successfully launched more than 20 spin-offs from Technology or Research Centers, and has facilitated the raising of more than 45 million euros in investment to support the launch of Deeptech companies. Its commitment to technological development is reflected in the 7 startups in which it has invested through its investment vehicle.

Under the coordination of the Tech Transfer & Innovation team of the Institute of Molecular Science, PotenciaTech is an open invitation to all ICMol researchers to be part of a process of accompaniment and mentoring. During the year 2024, a specialized team from Hasten Ventures will work with researchers to identify, qualify and mature technological assets with transfer potential to the market.

The presentation of the call not only marks the beginning of a new stage of collaboration between Hasten Ventures and ICMol, but also establishes the following objectives:

- Enhancing the transfer of R&D results: PotenciaTech seeks to become a catalyst to take the fruits of ICMol's research beyond the confines of academia and into the market, where they can generate a tangible impact on society.

- Capacity building: The initiative is not limited to mere technology transfer, but also aims to strengthen the capabilities of participating researchers, providing them with tools and knowledge to face the challenges of the business world.