On 6 March, the Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) held the first session of the Innovation Breakfasts - ICMol and Industry 2024. Organised by the Innovation and Technology Transfer area of ICMol, the event brought together leading professionals in the field of molecular modelling and the development of chemo-informatics models.

The guests on this occasion were Martina Palomino-Schätzlein and Laureano Carpio, researchers from the company ProtoQSAR, dedicated to the development and optimisation of active compounds in various areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and functional food.

During the session, Palomino-Schätzlein and Carpio shared their knowledge on current challenges in the field of computational chemistry, offering a relevant perspective on how to address them effectively.

The breakfast provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies between researchers and industry professionals interested in scientific and technological advancement.

This meeting is part of a series of events organised by ICMol's Innovation and Technology Transfer area, which aim to foster collaboration and promote innovation within the centre.