The Institute of Molecular Science is proud to announce that Dr. Belén Lerma Berlanga, member of the FUNIMAT research group (ICMol), has been awarded the prestigious Francisca Lorente Solaz Prize. This award, established in honor of the first woman graduated in Science at the University of Valencia, recognizes the outstanding academic and research career of women in the field of Chemistry.

Dr. Belén Lerma Berlanga, PhD in Chemistry and part of the FUNIMAT group, has been selected as the deserving recipient of this honor for her outstanding work at the interface between organic, inorganic and materials chemistry. Her contribution not only to research but also to the promotion of the presence and importance of women in science reflects the values and legacy of Francisca Lorente Solaz.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, March 8 at 10:00 a.m. in the Marie Curie Hall of the Faculty of Chemistry. This recognition is part of the second edition of the Francisca Lorente Solaz Award, established by the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, with the aim of highlighting the crucial role of women in the field of Chemistry, in line with the legacy and pioneering contributions of Francisca Lorente Solaz.

Dr. Belén Lerma Berlanga thus joins a distinguished group of women who have left a significant mark in the field of Chemistry, inspiring future generations.