Today, March 8, in commemoration of International Women's Day, the Marie Curie Auditorium of the Science Park of the University of Valencia has witnessed a significant event organized by the Parc Científic of the University of Valencia. This meeting focused on reflecting on the persistent gender pay gap, a crucial issue in the scientific field and beyond.

The day began at 10:45 am with a welcome by Sylvia Martínez Gallego, Vice-Rector for Equality, Diversity and Inclusive Policies of the University of Valencia, together with Juan Fuster Verdú, Institutional Delegate of CSIC in the Valencian Community, Silvia Rueda Pascual, Cabinet Advisor at the Ministry of Science and Innovation and Director of the Women and Science Unit, and Pedro Carrasco Sorlí, Director of the Science Park of the University of Valencia.

At 11:00 am, Marcela Jabbaz Churba, Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology and Researcher at the Institut Universitari d'Estudis de les Dones de la Universitat de València, gave an enriching lecture entitled "The gender pay gap that we do not see. A challenge for equality policies".

After a short break, a round table discussion with representatives of the PCUV Research Institutes took place, where valuable perspectives and experiences on the topic were shared. With an atmosphere of solidarity and commitment, the event concluded, reaffirming the importance of continuing to work together to achieve gender equality in all areas of society.