On April 18 at 10:30 am, the second session of the Innovation Breakfasts - ICMol and Industry 2024, organized by the Innovation and Technology Transfer area of ICMol, took place.

On this occasion, we had the presence of Santiago Cartamil, Managing Director and founder of Scale Nanotech, who shared his valuable experience as a company. Cartamil presented the origins of Scale Nanotech, its current lines of development and the challenges they face in the business landscape.
SCALE Nanotech provides R&D services to companies developing innovative and cutting-edge technology based on the properties of nanoscale materials.

With 8 years of experience in graphene and other 2D materials, including high quality nanofabrication of devices (MEMS, pressure/gas and IR sensors), systems (microdisplays, microscopes), nanocharacterization and high precision measurements, and atomic simulations and modeling of nanosystems. His expertise is guiding emerging ideas and initiatives in a range of fields from quantum sensors to the expanding market focused on nanophotonics and graphene technologies.