Salma Laghrieb, a student at the Juan de Garay Secondary School in Valencia, is the winner of the Nanorelata Competition of the Institute of Molecular Science (IcMol) of the University of Valencia, at the level of the Valencian Community, the result of which was made public today, Friday 14 June. The competition is one of the activities in the context of the VI Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2024 (10alamenos9), which is being held in various Spanish and Latin American cities to encourage pre-university students to take an interest in the world at the nanometric scale.

The winning entry, "El telar de lo imperceptible", is an ode to "the invisible realm / where the eye cannot see / where atoms converse in silence". The winner's teacher is Javier Julián Fernández. The runner-up prize went to Alejandra Pons Escudero, from the Cristo Rey School, whose teacher is Sara Costa, with the work "El microscopio camino hacia la desesperanza" (The microscope on the road to despair).

This competition has two sections, one at the level of the Comunitat Valenciana and the other at the international level. At the Valencian level, there are two prizes of 200 euros for each category (participants aged 14-15 and the other 16-17). The competition is organised by the Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) in collaboration with the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Valencia (UCC+i). This year it has been awarded in category A (14-15 years old), with a prize of 200 euros and a set of books from the UCC+i plus another for the runner-up, and the winner will participate in the international phase.

This competition is aimed at secondary school students aged 14 to 17 who are studying in public, state-subsidised or private schools located in the Valencia Region. The stories had to be no longer than 200 words and could be adventure, science fiction, fantasy or social stories, among others. Other types of written works such as poems or song lyrics could also be submitted. The only requirement was that the work had to be related to nanoscience and nanotechnology.


14 junio de 2024