The Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) successfully held the first edition of the "ICMol Synergy" event, achieving full participation and attracting representatives from the business sector as well as members of the institute.

The day began with a lecture given by Dr. Amilcar Bedoya-Pinto, entitled "Molecular-beam epitaxy: material synthesis from the ultra-high vacuum perspective". This presentation provided the audience with an in-depth understanding of advanced material synthesis techniques, including epitaxial growth.  This first part was marked by a lot of questions during and after the talk which showed the interest of the participants.

The event continued with a practical workshop held in the EPIQ (Epitaxial Growth of Quantum Materials) Laboratory. Entitled "Constructing crystalline magnets atom-by-atom: Monolayer CrCl3 on a graphene pseudo-buffer layer", the workshop was led by PhD candidates Calisa Dias De Oliveira, Pradyumna Bawankule and Victor Curbelo. Participants had the opportunity to actively engage in a state-of-the-art epitaxial growth procedure, gaining hands-on experience in the creation of a magnetic monolayer on a graphene pseudo-substrate.

The workshop was organised in 6 two-hour sessions for small groups (3-4 people) and spread over two days, ensuring personalised attention and an optimal learning experience. The enthusiastic participation of researchers at all levels, from undergraduate students to senior researchers, highlighted the widespread interest in these innovative techniques.

The ICMol Synergy event not only achieved its objectives of fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the institute, but also attracted the attention of the business sector, underlining the relevance of ICMol research to industry. 

Given the success of this edition, future similar events are anticipated to continue to promote synergy and scientific advancement within the institute, as well as to strengthen collaboration with the business sector.

Organizer: Amilcar Bedoya Pinto -EPIQ Laboratory (Epitaxial Growth of Quantum Materials and Heterostructures), ICMol.